2014 Caucus - February 4

Thanks for attending your Precinct Caucus! This page is for reference purposes only. Delegates elected at the caucus should attend the County Convention on March 8.


We look forward to seeing you at the 2014 Republican Party Caucus in Blue Earth County! 

New to caucus?

A caucus is the first step in political organizing in Minnesota, and it's your way to have a voice in what candidates appear on the ballot in November and what our Minnesota Republican Party platform says. We will hear from candidates, learn about local Party operations, suggest changes (.pdf) to the MNGOP Platform (.pdf), and elect delegates to the County Convention. Read the Minnesota Secretary of State's Precinct Caucuses page for more information or watch the short slideshow at the bottom of this page that outlines the caucus process.

The caucus is open to all who consider themselves Republicans or generally supportive of the Republican candidates and platform. Others (including those who will be under age 18 or otherwise ineligible to in the November 4, 2014, general election), may attend and observe but should not participate.

What to wear to the caucus? There is no dress code, but attendees generally wear business casual or jeans and a buttoned shirt. You are allowed to wear clothing, stickers, and buttons in support of your favored candidate(s).

Caucus is tonight!

The caucus is held Tuesday, February 4, 2014, beginning at 7 p.m. You should arrive at least 10 minutes early if possible to familiarize yourself with the location. Allow time to find a parking space and get to the right place. If you cannot attend the caucus but would still like to support your local Republican party, your donations and volunteer time are greatly appreciated! If you are a Facebook user, please RSVP and share our caucus event on Facebook. Thank you!

Caucus location

Your caucus location varies based on where you live. Find your precinct name and caucus location by visiting the Minnesota Secretary of State's Caucus Finder and entering your address. Please write down your precinct name and bring it to the caucus location with you. This will save you and our volunteers valuable time on a busy caucus night!

Mankato location

If you live in the northern half of Blue Earth County (Mankato, Lake Crystal, Madison Lake, Eagle Lake, St Clair, etc.), you will caucus at Ostrander Auditorium inside the Centennial Student Union at MSU-Mankato. You should park in the Visitor Paylot, enter through the main CSU entrance, and proceed to the auditorium. Parking in the Visitor Paylot will be free-of-charge during the caucus. After we begin at Ostrander, we will break out to other locations as individual precincts (see below) to proceed with the caucus business.

 Following is a list of the precincts that will meet at the MSU-Mankato location. The number in  parentheses behind each precinct name in the list below is the number of delegates that precinct will elect to the County Convention. Each precinct will also elect an alternate for each delegate. 

  • Butternut Valley Twp (1)
  • Cambria Twp (1)
  • Decoria Twp (4)
  • Eagle Lake (7)
  • Garden City Twp (2)
  • Jamestown Twp (3)
  • Judson Twp (2)
  • Lake Crystal (6)
  • Le Ray Twp (3)
  • Lime Twp (5)
  • Lincoln Twp (1)
  • Mcpherson Twp (1)
  • Madison Lake (3)
  • Mankato W-05 P-01 (2)
  • Mankato W-05 P-02 (1)
  • Mankato W-05 P-03 (3)
  • Mankato W-05 P-04 (1)
  • Mankato W-05 P-05 (3)
  • Mankato W-05 P-06 (5)
  • Mankato W-03 P-07 (5)
  • Mankato W-03 P-08 (7)
  • Mankato W-03 P-09 (7)
  • Mankato W-04 P-10 (11)
  • Mankato W-01 P-11 (7)
  • Mankato W-01 P-12 (3)
  • Mankato W-04 P-13 (5)
  • Mankato W-01 P-14 (9)
  • Mankato W-02 P-15 (11)
  • Mankato W-02 P-16 (6)
  • Mankato Twp P-1 (1)
  • Mankato Twp P-2 (6)
  • North Mankato (1)
  • Rapidan Twp (4)
  • Saint Clair (2)
  • Skyline (1)
  • South Bend Twp (4)

Mapleton Location

If you live in the southern half of Blue Earth County (Mapleton, Good Thunder, Minnesota Lake, Vernon Center, etc.), you will caucus at Maple River School, 101 6th Ave NE, Mapleton, MN 56065 (map)

  • Amboy (2)
  • Beauford Twp (2)
  • Ceresco Twp (1)
  • Danville Twp (1)
  • Good Thunder (1)
  • Lyra Twp (1)
  • Mapleton (5)
  • Mapleton Twp (1)
  • Medo Twp (1)
  • Minnesota Lake (1)
  • Pemberton (1)
  • Pleasant Mound Twp (1)
  • Shelby Twp (1)
  • Sterling Twp (1)
  • Vernon Center (1)
  • Vernon Center Twp (1)