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County Leadership

Executive Committee
Jon Kovaciny, John Hollerich, Lon Firchau, Doug Hitzemann, Martin Langhorst. Photo courtesy Mankato Times.

At its 2013 BPOU Convention, the Blue Earth County Republicans elected the following county officers for a two year term:

  • Chair, John Hollerich
  • First Vice Chair, Jon Kovaciny
  • Second Vice Chair, Lon Firchau
  • Secretary, Martin Langhorst
  • Treasurer, Doug Hitzemann
  • Commissioner District Chairs (Deputies)
    CD1 - Cy Denn (Chris Kleinschmidt)
    CD2 - Chris Styndl (Diane Schmidt)
    CD3 - Dave Kruse (Doug Hitzemann)
    CD4 - Paul FitzSimmons (Justin Hruby)
    CD5 - Dave Richards (Jerry Groebner)

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