Haven't volunteered yet?

NOW IS THE TIME! Many hands make light work, and we need YOU (yes, you!) as we reach the final days of the campaign season. From now until November 2, ask yourself, what can I do right now to best help our candidates? Cheering on the candidates and talking with friends at rallies and debates is important and it can be a lot of fun, but that alone won't pull in a lot of additional votes. These last six days are CRITICAL and we're counting on YOU (yes, YOU, not the hundreds of other people reading this) to come down to our campaign headquarters and volunteer. Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) phone calling is Job #1 right now, but there are plenty of other ways to help: distribute literature door-to-door, go door-knocking with local candidates, staff the office, and more.

Already volunteered?

THANK YOU! A lot of great people have put in many hours of hard work already. Special thanks goes to the MSU-Mankato College Republicans for the hundreds of hours they've logged on the phones and out in our neighborhoods.

Can't volunteer?

If necessary, we can bring a phone to you so you can make GOTV calls from your home.

Absolutely, positively no time to spare? All of the candidates would welcome your last-minute contributions to pay for extra advertising. You can also send a contribution to the Blue Earth County Republicans, PO Box 128, Madison Lake, MN 56063-0128.

Spread the word!

Use your email, Facebook, Twitter, phone, etc. to remind your family and friends to get off their hinders and vote on November 2. If they live in Blue Earth County, point them to our endorsed candidates page. For other Minnesota residents, send them to the MNGOP.com web site. REMEMBER: Judicial elections do not display party affiliation on the ballot, just who is the incumbent. Our endorsed judicial candidates are all non-incumbent, so tell your friends to VOTE AGAINST the incumbent judges.