Caucus information

Caucus locations for Blue Earth County are Mankato East High School, Lake Crystal Fire Hall, and Maple River High School (Mapleton). See below for the caucus location for your city or precinct.

The caucus starts at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 2, but we recommend planning some extra time to find a parking spot, get signed in, and find your precinct meeting place.

To save time on caucus night, it is helpful to look up and write down your precinct name. The precinct name will be something like "Mankato W-01 P-07" or "Southbend Township".

Caucuses at Mankato East High School, Mankato:

  • City of Mankato
  • City of Eagle Lake
  • City of Madison Lake
  • City of St. Clair
  • City of Skyline
  • Decoria Twp.
  • Jamestown Twp.
  • LeRay Twp.
  • Lime Township
  • Mankato Township
  • McPherson Township
  • South Bend Township

Caucuses at Lake Crystal Fire Hall, Lake Crystal:

  • City of Lake Crystal
  • Butternut Twp.
  • Cambria Twp.
  • Ceresco Twp.
  • Judson Twp.
  • Lincoln Twp.
  • Rapidan Twp.
  • Vernon Center
  • Vernon Center Twp.

Caucuses at Maple River High School, Mapleton:

  • City of Amboy
  • City of Good Thunder
  • City of Mapleton
  • City of Pemberton
  • City of MN Lake
  • Danville Twp
  • Lyra Twp
  • Mapleton Twp
  • Pleasant Mound Twp
  • Shelby Twp
  • Sterling Twp

At the caucus:

  • Attendees vote in a preference poll to indicate their preferred candidate for governor.
  • Attendees may present resolutions to make changes to the state GOP platform. For example, "I propose that we amend Section ___ to include '.....'."
  • Attendees interested in becoming delegates to the county convention may nominate themselves. Attendees in your precinct then vote on which delegate candidates to elect. The number of delegates depends on the size of your precinct. Those who win move on to the county convention.
  • Delegates serve a 2-year term, and are expected to attend the county convention in both years. They may also attend monthly meetings of the Blue Earth County Republicans and vote on business matters (e.g. "Let's spend $___ on ___ project.").
  • There is no caucus in 2011. Caucuses are held only in even years.

County convention:

  • The county convention will be held on Saturday, March 6, at Ostrander Auditorium at MSU. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.; the convention begins at 9:00 a.m. A box lunch will be available. More details to follow.